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What to bring to Class

April 17, 2018


Classes have to be booked

(either by phone or online)


Normal Collar and Lead


Hungry dog


Clicker (provided on first class)




When you start training:

We only accept dogs & puppies that are fully vaccinated. When your dog is poorly, e.g. has diarrhoea or is coughing, your dog can not come to classes due to infection risks, but you are welcome to come without dog and watch so you won’t get behind in your training at home.



What to take to the classes:

- Your clicker that you get free when you start training

- Plenty of soft food: cheese, chicken, sausage or liver.

- A toy that your dog really, really likes.

- Plastic bags, as we do want you to clean up after your dog if you take your dog for a walk near our training premises or in case your dog has an accident.


Your dog needs to wear a normal collar with a lead of about 3 to 4 foot length. No choke chains, half check chains are allowed. In the more advanced classes you may also need a target mat, dumbbell etc.




Remember to put on sensible shoes. Slippers, high heels etc are not suitable for training your dog. If you are training outdoors, please bring your rain coat, just in case it starts raining.


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