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Karena & Frankie

I have been coming to training for nearly three years with both my dogs and have found the lessons to be invaluable.

Frankie my latest dog, was a rescue dog who did not know how to behave with other people or dogs. The lessons have boosted his confidence and he is like a sponge soaking up the training.

Every week he gets better and better and that is all thanks to Hetty and Adrian and their knowledge and patience.

Janet & Sadie I started training Sadie at Blackjack Training School as a puppy and thanks to Hetty and Adrian's methods, advice and expertise, Sadie has grown in confidence and is improving all the time in obedience and agility. The classes are great fun, with friendly people and it is a great opportunity to socialise your dog. If you are looking for dog training with excellent trainers and fun friendly classes for you and your dog I would recommend Hetty and Adrian at Blackjack Training School. Janet and Sadie 2014 

Keith & Fin Having seen what Blackjack Dog Training Club had to offer when my wife Janet attended with her dog Sadie, of course we enrolled my puppy Finlay for obedience, followed later by agility, which is pure fun for the dogs and handlers. Hetty and Adrian's enthusiasm for working with dogs has rubbed off on us and we enjoy and look forward to our classes every week. The classes have a relaxed friendly atmosphere and with Hetty and Adrian's knowledge advice and patience we would not hesitate to recommend Blackjack Dog Training Club. Keith and Fin 2014 

Karena & Doris I would just like to say thank you to Hetty and Adrian as they have trained both myself and Doris. I meet so many dogs that have not been socialised or knowing basic commands and I now realise that Doris enjoys every lesson and this helps her develop further more than just giving her simple exercise. Doris also does agility and she loves it and certainly makes me think too. I've come to realise it is not just the dog that needs training and I know it have a lot to learn still! Karena and Doris 2014

Emma & lulu When we got Lulu, she was a high energy puppy who chewed anything she could find and generally ran rings around us. We'd never had a dog quite as quick minded as her, so fast realised that obedience classes were the way forward; not only to help us with her behaviour but to keep her mind occupied too. Going to Black Jack Dog Training School was the best decision we ever made. Nearly two years have gone by and we now have a more focused and manageable Lulu, who does as she's asked 90% of the time! We have no intention of stopping going to obedience classes because Lulu loves it, and we do too. From the start, the instruction from Hetty and Adrian has been brilliant, they are flexible in their approaches - if something doesn't work , they tackle it in a different way, and their patience and friendliness never falters. Everyone we've met at classes has been welcoming as well - there's never a dull moment! The class also gives Lulu the opportunity to socialise with other dogs, something she doesn't get being an only dog. However, the best example of how successful and enjoyable Adrian and Hetty's training is that Lulu and I were obedience champions last year - a title we'll fight to retain this year! 2014 

Debi & Dave Windor We are really impressed with the calm, controlled, safe and professional training from Hetty and Adrian, the atmosphere at club is always friendly and fun with all dogs and owners, regardless of size, pedigree or aspirations, encouraged to make the best of their abilities and enjoy their time together. My sensitive old collie Finn had never walked nicely to heel in all his 11 years, as the ‘choke chain’methods I was taught years ago were far too harsh for him, but clicker training is so kind he can now aged 13 do many things we thought he’d never achieve! Our two young Border Collies China and Tyke have both done beginners and competitive obedience training and are always complimented on their good behaviour. They also both did starters agility, with China going on to competition training and actually winning her first class just a week after her second birthday... who knows what else we will try?! My youngest Siberian, Muffin, has also attended club for basic obedience training- in a class with 2 tiny Chihuahua puppies... lovely to see and lots of fun! The club summer shows are great social events, too, with BBQ’s and fun competitions. We would highly recommend Blackjack for any level of training! Debi and Dave Windsor. 2014 

Jo Grace & Leah Grace and I started attending obedience classes at Blackjack when she was 8 months old. At that time I was not sure that it was possible to train a whippet - but then I didn’t know Hetty and Adrian and I didn’t know about the positive, reward-based training methods they use. Grace progressed through the obedience classes and now also does agility, which we love. I have recently started training my new puppy, Leah in the puppy class. She loves it, has fun and is doing well. Hetty and Adrian are knowledgeable, experienced and enthusiastic. They are always ready to give advice, help you to solve problems and encourage all progress. It doesn’t matter what breed of dog you own, whether you wish to compete, deal with behaviour problems or just have fun, you will get their time and attention. Blackjack is a very friendly club and as well as having fun with my dogs, I have made some really good friends. Jo, Grace and Leah 2014 

Sandra Marshall & Skye I first started at Blackjack Dog Training Club last year when I got my puppy Skye. The trainers, Hetty & Adrian, are absolutely brilliant. Nothing is ever too much trouble and they are always at the other end of the phone if you have a question, a problem or would just like some advice. They are very passionate and dedicated to their jobs, and to the dogs that attend their classes. The dogs and owners both enjoy attending the sessions, and we enjoyed it so much we even joined the agility classes too. The atmosphere is relaxed, and the people friendly, which only makes the classes all the more enjoyable to attend. Hetty and Adrian are both lovely, approachable people, and will go out of their way to make sure you are happy with the way the training is going and offer any advice that maybe of help. We learn to understand our dogs, and we (both owner and dogs) are learning something new all the time. Over the past year I have encountered a few set backs with Skye’s behaviour but thanks to Hetty’s great care, advice and knowledge of dogs she has improved and continues to do so… Sandra Marshall & Skye (Oct 2011)

Janet & Merlin What an amazing day I had, attending one of Hetty’s day workshops in my area. Hetty’s advice was constructive and positive. I learned a lot about Merlin and, more importantly, myself. I was so inspired that I carried on what I learned from the moment I got home and a list of commands now occupy pride of place on my fridge. Hetty was an excellent coach and I learned so much at this workshop. I have already started putting her advice into action. Her approach was friendly and well-constructed, explaining clearly where I needed to improve to train myself to get the best from my dog. I thoroughly enjoyed the day, especially dancing with a poo bag ( :D big grin Brilliant). I’m looking forward to seeing her again …and in the meantime I must practice just one more time! With her excellent coaching skills, my confidence and enthusiasm soared as she showed me how best to improve and take the next steps forwards to achieving my goals with Merlin. Janet McPherson (Janet and her Bearded Collie Merlin attended a Freestyle and Heelwork to Music workshop in Manchester in October 2011) 

Gillian & Honey Black Jack Dog Training Centre was the find of the century. Great friendly trainers, wonderful atmosphere where the dogs can socialise making your dog one of the friendliest. Honey knows when we are going training and can't wait to get out of the door, she really loves it. I recommend this club to all my friends and anyone I meet while out walking. Honey and I really enjoy the Agility Course, lots of fun and treats and great exercise for you and your dog! Gillian McBride (Gillian trains with Honey at Black Jack DTC since November 2008)

Philine & Jonte In 2008 I met Hetty for the first time at an obedience seminar with my six-month old dog Jonte and was inspired. Obedience was new territory for us, and I really appreciated the great suggestions and tips. What fascinated me, were the small steps in training and precise work with the dogs, Hetty extensive expertise and her accurate work in obedience. Hetty positively sparkles with energy, and it is great fun to work with her. Her seminars are organised and informative and despite the meticulous ways of training and focus on accuracy it’s always fun .The joyful working relationship between handler and dog plays a large role in Hetty’s methods. She responds individually to the participants with specific tips and help. So in a nutshell: Absolutely worthwhile! Hopefully Hetty will travel around the world to teach everyone happy training and take them away from negative force in training their dogs! Philine & Jonte, Germany (Philine has not only visited many other seminars with Hetty in Germany, but has also organised 2 for her own club as well)

Christine, Luce & Sera My name ist Christine Szakacs and I am the responsible person for the dogdancegroup Berne, Switzerland. I have been a dogdancer for 6 years and my two dogs Luce and Sera (vizsla) and I are enthousiastic about the incredible knowledge of Hetty. I met her as a judge for dogdance im Winterthur and several times at seminars in Switzerland and Germany. She is one of the best trainers I have ever met and I can recommend Hetty to everybody. Her knowledge, her humour, her personality are unique and her knowledge in technical details is incredible. She knows a lot about dogs of every breed and makes teams very happy during the training. Every time we met she gave me the power and confidence in what we are doing. I'm glad that this year she will come to Berne in November and that I can continue learning. Hetty loves dogs and human beings and so every seminar is unforgettable. May 2010, Christine Szakacs with Luce, Sera and Vento (puppy), Bern, Switzerland

Marlise & Nico In 2007 I participated the first time at a training week by Hetty in Germany. My Airedale Terrier Nico was only six month old and so it was the perfect time to learn new things about Obedience training! Hetty showed us the follow exercise, and at the beginning I was a little bit sceptic about it. But now, tree years later, I'm fully happy with this follow and the follow to heel training for heelwork! My Nico likes heelwork and I always get high points at competition! All other tips in dog training where very useful and Hetty gave me, with her positive reinforcement (for the handlers and for the dogs), a good spirit to train with my dogs. Marlise Neff, Switzerland (Marlise regulary participates at seminars Hetty gives in Switzerland and the south of Germany) 

Doris & Julian Schroffenegger Julian was 10 years old, when he did a private seminar with Hetty. He did dogdance and competitions before, so was not really a beginner. Hetty came to us on our training field to do a seminar just for Julian and his dog Ziva. Three days full of work, theory and praxis. I was a little bit afraid, if Julian and Ziva would be able to work so much all day long, but Hetty is such a wonderful person and trainer, she could feel a 100 % into the little boy and his dog. Together they worked out a new choreo for Julian and Ziva, I think the best they ever had. Hetty always listened what tricks Julian wanted to do and what he wanted to express with the choreo and never she just said: we do this or that. Unfortunately Ziva can not dance anymore, but we keep the choreo....for the future. For all mothers, I have to say, I never met a trainer who can better work with children, and I‘ll never regret the "private seminar" with Hetty. She is so full of power, she has one million ideas in her mind and she worked very, very respectful with the dog and the boy. If some day we will have a new dog, I will book Hetty for a seminar again and she has already promised me to come :-)) to South Tyrol in Italy again. Doris & Julian Schroffenegger , Italy

Sybille with Balko & Jim The first time I met Hetty was in May 2007 in Metzingen: a 5 days seminar with Hetty van Hassel. Jim was just 4 months old. I knew roughly what obedience was, but I did not know who Hetty van Hassel was. Hetty taught me how important teamwork was, how important it was to watch the dogs you are working with in order to teach every exercise correctly and accurately according to their behaviour. Since then I’ve done approximately another 9 seminars with Hetty over the following years and we spent a lot of time together. Hetty always had time for everybody’s training problems, we worked hard which sometimes drove me to despair.... but we always had a lot of fun. Hetty’s enthusiasm, her pleasure in working with the dogs, her trust in the dog’s ability have showed me that we always have to believe in what we are doing even if sometimes the situation seems hopeless. With patience, endurance, care, accuracy we can train our dogs, according to what we learned with Hetty, having always in mind the perfect way Hetty is working with the dogs. Best wishes to Hetty and her dogs. See you again soon ! Sybille with Balko and Jim, September 2010 (Sybille has not only visited many seminars with Hetty in Germany, but has also organised several for her own club as well) 

Carmen I've organised a training week in Germany with Hetty without having previously been at one of her seminars, just because I was so thrilled by her HTM routines. It was brilliant, I would always do it again! I was not only organising the week but also taking part. Hetty is a very lovely person, she's absolutely uncomplicated which makes it very easy to invite her for a seminar. As a trainer, she's very attentive, always making sure that every teams gets the best out of the workshop, which in our case was quite hard, because participants ranged from absolute beginners in HTM or obedience to participants of the German championships. As for my dog, a Beagle who had lots of problems to concentrate, the training week with Hetty was our breakthrough! I really have to say that thanks to Hetty, we are now able to compete in the second-highest class of HTM in Germany! My recommenda-tions! Carmen Mayer, Germany 

Michelle The first time I met Hetty I was just at the beginning of MY training and I would say I was very lucky. Hetty, besides being a good veterinary surgeon, is a very prepared teacher and during her lessons you can feel the strong feeling flowing from her to animals and vice versa. In fact while explaining clicker training or other funny tricks she can't avoid teaching us the respect for our friendly pets as ''individual being'' and not as an exhibition object or a pelouche. I hope to learn as much as I can from her in the future lessons and enjoying as always our time together!!! :) Maybe in our future (mine and Bisque –my aussie-) will be some dog dance competition??? :))) Who can say it?! Let me dream about it and go on learning and enjoying with my dog and my trainer Hetty!!! :) Michelle Ferrari, Italy (Michelle comes regulary to our seminars at Powerdog in Illasi) 

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