Why we only charge £5 a dog for group lesson after initial12 weeks

In all the time Black Jack DTC existed, which is ten years, we have kept our prices the same. Even though the rent of the village hall has gone up in this period of time, so it would have made sense to charge more. 

The reasons we don’t are the following:

1. We both have a full time job but we love training dogs and helping other people train their dog. In fact, we spend a lot of time learning more about training dogs and other animals as we both think it is really interesting. We do quite a lot of dog training CPD each year. 

2. We feel it is important for dogs to be trained for a longer period. The more often your dog repeats and is reinforced for desired behaviour, the more likely it will become a behaviour pattern. In fact we hope people will invest quite a bit of time in training their dog as it is so much fun for the dogs to have quality time with their owner and being asked to use their brain. This will help built up a better relationship, prevent boredome and behavioural problems. By keeping our cost/lesson lower, we are enabling people to invest more/longer time into dog training. Everyone only has so much money they can spend each month......


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