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Passionate, Patient, Friendly, We only use fair and friendly training methods, indoor and outdoor training with experienced instructors, see our qualifications and experience.

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Puppy Training and Socialisation

Puppy training and positive experience socialisation are the best gifts we can give our dog.

We train in a positive way using a clicker and reward based training as we feel this is scientifically proven and also fastest way to achieve results while having fun with our dogs.

Pet and Competition Obedience Training

We train in all levels of pet obedience up to competitive level


Dog Agility

Agility classes start again from April, we only take dogs for agility if they have trained for at least 3 months obedience with us before.


We train all levels from fun to competition standard. 


Come and have a go at the new dog sport HOOPERS. Suitable for dogs over 8 months, all breeds. Low impact sport, no sharp turns, flowing courses and lots of fun for dog and owner.

The biggest appeal of Hoopers is how inclusive it is for all breeds and activity levels. Even dogs that are not allowed to jump and can’t (yet) do agility can easily enjoy a hoopers session.


Scent Detection

We train to competition standard for scent detection and its a wonderful fun and inclusive activity. 

We are qualified instructors from the UK College of Scent


FCI Obedience

FCI Obedience is the European standard of obedience.


Prep for Vets

Prep for vets is all about preparing animals for vet appointments and examinations in a positive way.

Many dogs and cats are very stressed, fearful or even aggressive at the vets. We would like to teach owners and their pets how to make a visit to the vets a non-stressful event.


Rally O

Rally involves you and your dog working as a team to navigate a course with numbered signs indicating different exercises to perform; think of it as a sort of 'obedience exercise obstacle course' including simple exercises.


Heelwork to Music & Freestyle

Hetty has competed at international level in Heel work to music and Freestyle and offers private lessons in these sports.

Ringcraft / Gun Dog

We tailor our classes to the individuals dog and owners needs and can offer Ringcraft and Gun dog training to suit your requirements


Barrel Racing

Barrel Racing originates from horse riding and is a timed rodeo discipline that demands speed, accuracy and agility.


In America they did a barrel racing demo with dogs on one of the barrrel racing events for horses and Hetty found pictures of it online. She loved the idea and started training with her dogs. Since the beginning of 2010 she has made many more people enthousiastic for this new sport.

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  • Mon, 03 Feb
    03 Feb 2020, 19:00
    BlackjackDTC, Blackjack Rd, Swineshead, Boston PE20, UK
    03 Feb 2020, 19:00
    BlackjackDTC, Blackjack Rd, Swineshead, Boston PE20, UK
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